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Grace Mugabe reportedly files for divorce

Former Zimbabwean first lady, Grace Mugabe has reportedly filed for divorce, Zimbabwe Today reports.

Fatushow.net – Sources close to the family of the ousted former president says Grace Mugabe is unsure of her future with the abrupt end to her plans to take over government from her husband.

“She’s been very upset since gave up to hand over power to his ousted Vice President,” a source close to the family said.

“She wanted a role as a First Lady not as a woman who act as a subordinate. She’s also not prepared to leave her luxurious lifestyle to live in a home of captivity,” the source told Zimbabwe Today.

There are reports that she is also not ready or willing to face a life of ridicule outside power.

Grace Mugabe was on the way to becoming the next president of Zimbabwe following her husband’s power play in the ZANU-PF party to have her succeed him.

He had sacked his then Vice President, Emmerson Mnagagwa, who was a strong contender for the presidency and he had fled the country to South Africa on exile.

But a military intervention had forced Mugabe’s hand causing him to resign. Mnangagwa has since been inaugurated as president and is in the process of forming his cabinet and driving the nation’s stagnant economy forward.

It’s safe to say Gucci Grace is looking for her next sponsor and/or ticket to the presidency if that is still a possibility for her.

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