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World Cup 2018 – Barrow wants to return the Gambia flag to Senegal

The president of The Gambia makes the year 2017, the year that will have much marked. Because he came to the helm of his country this year and Gambia opened his first private television. But also Adama Barrow says this is the year when Senegal participates a second time in the FIFA World Cup. And it’s a pride for him.

« I will never forget 2017, because this is the year when I came to power, this is also the year when the first private television channel in Gambia was born. But it is especially the year when Senegal has qualified for the second time at the FIFA World Cup. We are two states of course, but we are one nation. That’s why Senegal qualifying at the 2018 World Cup made us very happy. That’s why I ask all my compatriots to pray for the Lions of Senegal, « said Adama Barrow, at the inauguration of the first Gambian television channel, the QTv.

In addition, Adama Barrow would like to return the Gambian flag to the Lions of Senegal. « Before leaving for Russia, I say it to El hadj Ndiaye, I would like to receive them at the State House to give them the Gambian flag. The Gambia will not be at the World Cup, but Senegal will be there for us and among thirty nations, only Senegal looks like us, « said President Adama Barrow, reports Stadia.

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