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15,000 African migrants in Libya will be evacuated before …

The African Union (AU) has agreed to evacuate some 15,000 African migrants in Libya before the end of year.

Fatushow.net – The deputy chairman of the AU Commission, Kwesi Quartey tweeted this on Tuesday.

The repatriations would be voluntary, and would be done in partnership with the International Organisation for Migration (IOM), he added.

At least 20,000 migrants are being held in government detention centres in Libya, Quartey said.

A recent report about the presence of slave markets and the weekly sale of Africans in these markets has sparked outrage around the globe.

An urgent evacuation plan for migrants in Libyan detention camps was drawn at an AU-EU summit in Ivory Coast last week.

Libya has undergone years of instability since rebels toppled former leader Col Muammar Gaddafi in 2011.

Two main factions control the oil-rich nation: a UN- backed government and a group led by a self-styled general, Khalifa Hafta.

Quartey said the AU will work with member states to facilitate the evacuation and the “sustainable reintegration” of migrants into their communities.

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  1. Baldeh H Omsin says

    Fatu network your work is absolutely smooth running ahead keep it up indoing so any latest news can be notified.
    Definitely our brothers and sisters are being well maltreated,torture and exposed to sexual harassment, which is definitely undone. I myself was once a victim of such but thank God I have escaped and presently I’m in ALGERIA.
    May God help us all,thank you.

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